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About Us

Next Level Painting specializes in commission painting of complete war games miniature armies in a timely, friendly, and reliable manner. We emphasize a commitment to consistent top-tier quality for every model painted. Our style utilizes airbrush effects to achieve smooth blending and highlighting throughout the models. We also add weathering accents, crisp detailing, and shadowing as part of our distinctive style. The best way to see what we can do for you though is to take a look through our Gallery and previous work.

We hope to carve our own niche in the field of miniature painting through a few distinct differences:

Timeliness: We strive to have your army completed in two weeks from the time we receive your models. We don't want you waiting around for months wondering where your models are or how long they're going to take.

Consistent Quality: Every model is pro-painted to the same high standard you see in all our work. We don't paint single miniatures, instead we paint your whole army at once to be part of a cohesive force.

Affordable: We specialize in full armies and large quantities to keep our prices very competitive. We also give Free Return Shipping.

Communication: We will give you prompt quotes on any proposed projects and answer any of your questions as quickly as possible. You will have consistent friendly updates throughout the completion of the project.

If Next Level Painting can meet your gaming and painting needs please give us a call or send us an email at